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Self Storage Calculation Tips

~ A note from a professional packer ~

So, you have arrived at this site looking for storage.

Most people, when considering storage, think in terms of square footage which is perfectly understandable, as all
storage companies charge by the square foot. Not all storage units are the same however.

Whatever it is you wish to store, be it/they are personal effects, stock, files, or the contents of your home, the
goods will have a cubic volume and it is this that is important.

If you have two storage units, both are 150sqft but one is 7ft high and the other is 10ft high then the difference
in available space is staggering. The first, smaller one will provide you with 1050 cubic feet of space to fill, whereas the second will provide you with 1500 cubic feet of space to fill. Or, to put it another way the second unit with the higher roof offers 30% more space for what will probably be the same monthly cost.


When you look at storage companies never compare square footage – look for the overall capacity of the unit, as
this is not only far more revealing and relevant, but will lead you to think about how you will use the space.

For reference: having now effected more than 30,000 home surveys the surveyors for M&G agree that the
average size home contains goods equating to 1500 cubic feet. If you are phoning around for 100sqft
units based upon what somebody working for a storage company, who has never in their life even packed a
storage unit has told you we would urge you to call us and speak to people who have prepared, moved and
packed household goods for 30 years.

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