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Matt – M&G
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Matt – M&G

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Matt Faizey, Period of service – Since he didn’t go back to the classroom!

Currently I am in the role of senior surveyor, and senior operations manager I started at 14 years of age delivering mahogony furniture for ‘Sterry’s Warehouse’ on Saturday mornings (don’t google it – it pre-dated the internet!). From there I became a removal man, (which I have to say I miss terribly, and no other part of my career have I enjoyed more than actually being a removal man), then office based, then back out to effect removals through France, Spain, and Portugal, then back into the office for a time, before training to become a surveyor for the company. Aside from this I have project managed commercial (office) moves as well as effected them myself. The last 6-7 years have been spent researching and learning the entire home moving process. From the legal, to the psychological.

School always took second place to a desire to move people and after only eight weeks at Sixth Form (Politics & Business Studies)  I walked out to become a removal man here at M&G. I have no idea what it is about this trade but it actually, truly not only ‘gets under your skin’ but seems to become part of your DNA. I must have somewhere in the region of 25>30,000 customers behind me now (as at 2016), and still, every single day I get a buzz out of meeting new people, solving fresh challenges and learning ever more about what those of us in the know, in this trade refer to as ‘the art of moving’.

Twenty five ish years later, and with tens of thousands of moves behind me, with all aspects of our trade experienced, I now have the utter privilege of being a very senior member of staff here, which, given that I’m just as likely to pick up the broom or clean a toilet as much as anyone else is a title that I do not dwell on. We are a team here, nay a  family.

And I truly attempt to look after every customer in such fashion that you too, will, albeit for a short time truly believe you are part of this family that I am a member of, and we will look after you as such.

I’m also the ‘matt’ that has the blog page on this site.

I hold a full Certificate of Professional Competance in National Road Haulage, a full Certificate of Professional Competance in International Road Haulage. I am currently appointed to the HBSG (House Buying and Selling Group), currently consulting to Government to improve this bloody awful process. I have served as a board member and Director of the British Association of Removers, (2010>2013) voted into the position by the membership, and I also hold membership of HPC (which is something you won’t have heard of, but is darn hard to get into). I have appeared as an expert witness in court on more than one occasion (Home Moving Expert) and also been asked to join the board of AIM (Declined due to time) Oh, and I hold a Directorship at M&G too.

I also, aside from my work at M&G also work as a car control and racecraft instructor with Go Racing Motorsport and Applied Autosport. Moreover, as you may have guessed from my photo I also pilot the race car, and indeed took the 2018 Endurance Title with five wins out of seven for the Faucough&Dye Motorsport Team, sponsored by M&G and also Applied Autosport

See link to the M&G racing page for further details . Or search on Facebook for Faucough&Dye.

Thanks for reading.

If you would like to contact me you can do so at matt@mgtr.co.uk

Matt in Action

Matt on The Mover