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Moving to Lincolnshire

Movers / Removal firm for Lincolnshire /Relocating to Lincolnshire.

We can affect moves into Lincolnshire from any address within a 50 miles radius of the centre of Birmingham (as the crow flies). We can effect moves back from Lincolnshire to any destination south further than @80 miles from the address in Lincolnshire.
Every year we help hundreds of people move. Moves to or from Lincolnshire are straight forward and made simple by the method and schedule we employ.

Moreover with us there are no shortcuts taken on service. The crew that move you out, are the crew that move you in. You will not find that we send the vehicle with an agency driver and then contract in ‘labour’ at the other end.
Moreover, we guarantee that the only staff you meet from us are our own, salaried staff on no less than a 40hour working week. Accountability and responsibility is something we take seriously.
Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll want to move back after a few years – We need to know that our service was such you’ll only call us to give the instruction ‘come get us’.
Quotations from us will include insurance and VAT. There will be absolutely nothing to ‘catch you out’. You’ll find no add on charges or surprises. One cost, that you can trust.
We do not give ourselves any contractual right to sub-contract in any way shape or form.
Your possessions will be insured with us at all times.

We operate this type of move properly. Where crews are required stay overnight they have accommodation most likely at Premier Inn or Travel Lodge. We do not have our staff sleep in vehicles only to then turn up dishevelled, smelly and grumpy with you. We are professionals and act as such. This also ensures where loaded vehicles are parked overnight they are in proper car parks, covered by CCTV. We do not leave loaded vehicles at the side of the road, in laybys, truckstops or parked 2 miles down the road from the drivers mates house.

If you are moving long distance and fit the distance criteria at the beginning of this page please do not hesitate to get in touch. Phone is great ( 0121 705 2323 ) email too hello@mgtr.co.uk and begin a conversation that leads to a happy, professional, safe and enjoyable relocation to your new home.

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