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moversandstorers show debate

Why should you attend the debate being held at the show, 21st October – 11:45?

This page will take only 3 or 4 minutes to read, and it could, potentially be very valuable to your customers, and yourself.

As the facilitator of this debate, and as a person with an interest (for many years) in the topic at hand, I thought I might put a page together so that maybe one or two people might get a background and an understanding of how this debate might help them.

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’re a remover; and, as you probably realise, so am I.

For those removers who take an active interest in their customers’ wellbeing, happiness and stress levels (oh and profits) this topic is for you. I am sure anyone reading this will be fully aware of how upset our customers are when up against an exchange of contracts that happens 2 days before completion day, or indeed many of you will know that there is little more frustrating in our job than sitting around for four or five hours waiting for key release – turning what should be a nice simple day into a 13 hour drag-a-thon, when we could otherwise be home – well before 8pm!

You can, if you so choose, get a vast degree of understanding of why this happens by browsing and reading much of the ramblings on this website, in the blog pages especially, but before you get too bored let me point out that the wider issues at play could have a massive impact upon your sanity, profit levels and the amount of work you have. Yes, if we fix the conveyancing issues you will be wealthier, and have more time, almost immediately.

Tell me that doesn’t appeal?

Imagine if you knew, 3 or 4 weeks in advance exactly how busy any particular day will be.

Imagine if you knew, a full month in advance which days you will be turning work away, and which you’ll struggle to fill.

Imagine if you actually knew, for certain, every day what time the key release would be.

Now, imagine you get all this info for no financial outlay. Tell me it wouldn’t help you……. tell me you wouldn’t be able to either adjust pricing or provide decent information to the customer who wants you, for which day to avoid.

For those operating HGV’s, imagine being able to plan exactly what vehicles, and how many can go for inspection on exactly which day, with no fear of the work-load causing issues.

Imagine being able to accurately call in, or drop resources 3, or 4 weeks in advance…

Imagine never having a booking cancel on you, potentially, ever again (for a normal home move).

And, you, the business owner, imagine having a solid, accurate picture of exactly which week will be dead as a dodo, 4 or 5 weeks in advance – who wouldn’t book a holiday?

Imagine how much happier our customers, our staff, and ourselves would be. How much more efficient our businesses would be. And, as a result, how much healthier our balance sheets might be.

Forget your key waivers, cancellation waivers and all the other reactionary and outdated methods movers use to combat a system, broken, and clunky. It is time to change the relationship our industry has. For the benefit firstly of our customers, and secondly, for us.

Attend the debate, there may not be another chance to tell the right people, at the same time. Your voice can be heard, and it damn will count. The list of attendees is (thanks to Jane Finch) beyond hugely impressive, and hugely influential.

The right people, listening to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

11:45, 21st October – Silverstone.

Happy to hear from anyone who has taken the time to read this, matt@mgtr.co.uk – 07843 596 428

Thank You

Matt Faizey


M&G (most of us)  at the Solihull site. August 2014. A moment in time, after a long long day!

M&G (most of us) at the Solihull site. August 2014. A moment in time, after a long long day!