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Moving & Opening over Christmas

You’re here as you’ve clicked the link, you’re curious about when you can move over Christmas? Read on.

First of all virtually zero moving happens in-between Christmas and New Year. The overwhelming majority of conveyancers are fully closed in-between the two. That is the first and foremost decider for what happens and when.

No matter what anybody tells you about what they ‘think‘ is possible, if your, or any other other conveyancer in your chain isn’t working then a completion isn’t possible.

Which brings me neatly on towards the period immediately before Christmas. Now again, conveyancer opening will dictate all. If you’re in a 4 party chain with three of you desperate to complete on December 22nd (that’s a Tuesday FYI) yet one conveyancer’s firm closed on the 18th….you’re not moving before 2021.

This all sounds like common sense. However year in, year out we hear of clients, and indeed from clients who have been ‘assured’ by their Estate Agent it absolutely can happen only for us to point out the above. The client then google’s the Christmas opening hours of all conveyancers in their chain. At which point the realisation sinks in.

This year M&G will be fully operational up to and including 23rd December. We are confident there will be a considerable rental to rental and via storage demand all the way to Christmas after normal completions have stopped (which we predict will be for the most part the 18th, with some stragglers on 21st).

For the new year please realise that while many will suggest the first 1 or 2 working days back is possible for completions;

  1. Only if the conveyancer is even back. The agent might be, but the conveyancer needs to be too.
  2. Time is needed to draw down mortgage funds where applicable. Not forgetting (while talking money) there’s no point considering 4th or 5th Jan if one party doesn’t send deposit funds until the New Year.

So, be realistic. Just because the Estate Agent is full of vigour regarding possible dates the great big tidal wave of realism needs to be allowed to swamp the hopefulness.

We’ll be back from the 5th.

Any queries, do call or email….