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We’ve noticed many people are not actually sure what to do on the day of the move, from when they’re almost moved out. Hence this guide.

We’ll interject here and just point out that if your Estate Agent or Solicitor had actually done their job properly you’d never have needed to click the link for this……..

So, what do you do?

First, the day isn’t one whole. It is two parts. You’re selling a home, and only after this is done are you buying a new home. So, two parts, and from your perspective you need to fully deal with one before starting the next.

Your contract for the sale of your home promised vacant possession, and that came with a time. Likely 1pm, maybe 2pm, but here and now we’ll work on 1pm. Please don’t say ‘I’m not sure it does….’ It did, and you signed it! 

So, when you’re fully moved out and you have cleaned / left your old home how you’d like to, LEAVE. Go hand the keys in, or if the agent has a set leave your keys behind with a note to the new owner. If you have to use a key to lock the front door, do so, and then put the key back through the letterbox. That is what you’re obligated to do. There is no point sitting tight and saying ‘I’m not leaving just in case’. That serves you in no useful way whatsoever. It will only slow you down.  It is TERRIBLE advice by ANY person involved to tell you to ‘sit tight’. You NEED to be at the EA you’re due to pick the keys up from and/or at your new home.

The legal process is happening, it’s already started, where your bum is sat matters not so it may as well be ready and waiting somewhere useful…….not to mention productive. So, as said above go hand your keys in to your estate agent, or just leave your old home, your agent won’t release keys to your buyer until your old home has been paid for anyway. So, after this, where could you be that is useful?

Very, very close to the Estate Agents where you need to pick the keys up from. If you’re with an ‘online only’ type then you’re already wondering where you get keys / how? So, call them and ask.

Being very close to (or sat inside maybe waving a placard that says ‘KEYS NOW’) the agents office does not mean stop chasing, as per the previous post. You must chase. Don’t leave it to the agent, most solicitors don’t like agents anyway and there is little co-operation. You must chase.

If needs be, be sat in the agents office ringing your solicitor and hammering them to chase the solicitor acting for your vendors. Ring every ten minutes if you fancy, be a nuisance. Until that solicitor has told the agents where you are to give you the keys, they won’t. And you’ll be sat homeless and getting tired simply because other humans you are paying cannot be bothered to be efficient on your behalf.

So, bearing in mind that your solicitor is obligated to ensure funds have landed, make him/her do their job properly, and chase.

Do leave your old home though, locked up. 

And please, remember us. We’re just as keen as you are, some of your crew will have young children or elderly parents they look after. They have families too.

So stay in touch and let us know what is happening, through our office is fine.

Again, Good Luck.