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Disclaimer, the next 3 pages are written by Matt Faizey, all opinions are his own. Opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect that of other employees nor M&G.

PAGE 1. ‘lifting the lid’ on the shenanigans of the moving process. Dealing with Solicitors and Estate Agents.


So, what is this all about then? Well, hopefully, if I have got this one right this page will be one you will want to bookmark. Share amongst home moving friends and generally refer to when you tell everyone how downright brilliant and supportive M&G are.

I advise you grab a cuppa, or if the moment is right something stronger………mine’s a rum and coke……….

We have, for many years now spoken to and discussed with our wonderful customers how to influence events, how to protect their interests through the process and how to take some sort of charge of what is happening.

As I have written many times before, and spoken about many thousands of times, you, as member of the public the very second you placed your home for sale switched from being ‘in charge’ to completely reactive, totally dependant on being kept in a loop that you’re paying for. Waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for an email, waiting to be told…..

By the time we get to you we very often find the same old sentences being trotted out;

‘The solicitor has told me I’m moving on ‘x’ date’

‘I’m waiting to hear….’

‘The Estate Agent told me they’d let me know when ‘x’ has been decided’

All reactive, and all inferring that control shifted. Very often all this delivered to you with a pat on the head.

We, as ever get a bit fed up with it. The paymasters (that’s you, yes you, reading this) regularly become the servants. So, it is time to go even further than all the advice we normally trot out.

At the bottom of each page there are links to the next page. Moreover there are letters you are welcome to copy and paste, further, deeper insights into the psychology of what needs to happen, designed to educate you and give you better insight. Our aim being to assist you in getting better service, more notice, a better moving day and, to be frank designed to stick your solicitor on notice that you’d like a nice, sensible, well planned home move. Feel free to use any of this material to the EA as well if you wish.

Disclaimer ; If you use any of this on your head be it. If you upset somebody, make them cry, or if you offend somebody by using this material do not come moaning to me, or M&G. It is our belief that the following links contain absolutely nothing offensive, ‘wrong’, unlawful, or insulting…….

They do however contain material that we believe will force a slightly less laissez fairre attitude from people you’re paying already to do a job….


Now, the ‘table of influence’ has to be the first thing you read. Without this you either won’t make sense, or won’t get the best out of the rest.

The table of influence

The table of influence is brilliant for highlighting in a simple way the great flaws of negotiating through a chain. However it is also brilliant for highlighting exactly how you can have an influence on events for your benefit. Moreover if you’re the one doing honourable things for your own benefit and with good intent then your conscience is clear. Especially given it will only serve to will benefit others too.

In the diagram the numbers represent the actual humans moving. ‘EA’ is the Estate Agent. ‘S’ is the Solicitor.

The diagram below shows a ‘normal chain’ Four parties. Yes, four.

1 – could be out of a rental or first timer, won’t have a property to sell. There’s just them, and their Solicitor

2 – Often a young family moving up

3 – Often a slightly older family moving on up

4 – Often deceased,  (insert joke about moving way way way up higher than everyone else) or into care etc etc.

Under the image of the Table is an explanation for how it works


You’re at number 2, let us pretend you’ve sold to a first time buyer.

As the table shows clearly you can directly email your solicitor, you can directly email your estate agent. Plus you could, if you wanted email the estate agent you are buying your new home through.

So, at this point you’re nodding along and saying, ‘yes, well done Sherlock, stating the blooming obvious’.

To which my response is ‘darn right I am’.

As you’ve already seen, in this chain there are eleven parties including you. Moreover that is eleven people who may have a motive, or an opinion. Plus, can you imagine if you draw the other lines on showing communication, and, more pertinently who cannot talk to who! It would be awful, you would have graphically displayed before you the very reason it can take so long to sort things out. Why negotiating any sort of consensus through a chain is akin to pulling teeth.

We have however discovered that in one email, you can, including yourself influence 4 out of the 11. That is early 40% of the chain with one email. Plus, this is without breaking any moral boundry let alone legal ones. Add your buyers or your vendors email address on (if you have it) and you’re at 45% of the chain. With just one piece of communication.

Lets say it’s May, and you have a 4 week cruise booked for July……… Let’s say you expressly do not want to move on a Friday………….Let’s say you want to be uber sensible and demand 2 weeks in-between exchange and completion……….

This is something to use when you’re at ‘that’ moment – trust me, you’ll know.

Nowt wrong with emailing a demand to your solicitor and copying in the EA’s – purely for information purposes and keeping everybody ‘in the loop’. This isn’t the ‘done’ thing. It isn’t welcomed. However, as you will read on the next couple pages there may come a moment when you accept that despite paying everyone, you’ll need to grab things by the scruff of the neck and give everyone a kick up the backside.

This is where having read this page, you’ll be better placed.

But how do you actually achieve the things you would like to happen? If you summon up the courage to actually do this, what needs to be asked for………….

Well, chances are right now things are fairly rosy. We find most customers read these pages @-2 to +3 weeks from the offer/you accepting it. Right now it is all chilled. Hardly anything has happened, there is nothing to worry about save for getting moving quotations. On that basis all this seems way way off into the distance.

Reading this though, just this page has given you an overview of a chain, the communication lines (or lack of) and has already provided you with the type of inside track many home movers just don’t imagine exists.

I promise the table above will remain with you, and you will think of it in the near future. Why stop now though, there’s much more to come.
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