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A positive start to 2015, new staff and vehicles

We always knew we wanted 2015 to be our best year ever, and the process has started.

We suspect 2014 is about to be proven to be our biggest and best yet but we’re by no means ready to sit back.

There are 3 new staff members to welcome on board, and already 2 new vehicles.

We welcome Jane first of all. Jane joins us here at the Solihull office, in a role which is 80% admin, and 20% up and about. She has already settled in brilliantly. It is lovely having Jane on board

New girl Jane on her first day

New girl Jane on her first day

Secondly, we welcome ex prison Governor ‘Don’.

Don has come on board to part manage our Redditch site, and also spend one day a week at our Solihull site. He, alongside Geoff will be heading up certain contracts, and managing customer services within the storage facilities.

Don has a great sense of humour, allied to a ruthless edge that makes his reports worth reading!

Welcome Don

Don. M&G

Don. M&G

We also welcome Martin he’s that new there is no photo yet!

Martin joined us yesterday (after training) as a Professional Removalist. His entry on the meet the team page will be compiled shortly.



New vehicles !


So new they haven’t been signwritten yet………..and one has an absolutely brand spanking new ‘virgin’ body on it

Watch out for the next news entry where we’ll have theĀ full signwritten up photos ….


Which means we will have updated the entire fleet in the last 12 months………..


Our customers deserve the best.