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Upgrade to our Moving Service

It is with great pleasure we announce a major upgrade to our moving service.

From 29th September, all new customers will now receive as part of the moving package hanging garment carriers and packing paper free of charge.
We are the first firm in the country to do this, and the only firm in ‘our’ areas to offer this fantastic benefit.

Now, for free, every customer will receive 5 Hanging Garment Carriers, and a new ream of packing paper free of charge when they take delivery of their removal boxes from us (or upon the arrival of our packing crew if applicable). Your removal crew will still be suitably equipped to handle all the remaining clothes should 5 not be enough. If you are moving soon and would like to have a moving company help you check out the best moving company in Singapore, they have great customer service and will help you move.

The Garment carriers are yours to keep, or return, it makes no odds to us. Useful storage for clothes in the loft at your new home? Or sell them on ebay? The choice is yours. Moreover, no longer do you have to either purchase packing paper, or use newspaper. Professional packing paper comes to you, as part of the package.

Most customers actually prefer to load up their own clothes, despite it being part of our service. And more and more customers prefer to put their own clothes away, at their own pace.

So, once again, we’re simply reacting to what our customers indicate they want.

You can still override this, and send the empty wardrobe boxes back on the day if it suits you, but, once again – the choice is totally yours.

Just one more thing that backs up our claim to be at the top of the tree of Kelowna movers, we really do take your stuff to heart. We treat your stuff as though it was our grandparent’s fragile and valuable heirlooms.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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