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M&G join AIM

M&G announce that we have joined AIM .

Following a successful inspection by AIM, much along the same lines as the BAR inspection, we have been accepted into membership. We are hoping that AIM’s fantastic attitude and member focussed strategy continues.

We wish for a very successful partnership with AIM, and hope that our membership develops to provide consumers with greater confidence in us as a mover whilst helping forge better relations with other movers who are members, and especially so as the membership numbers grow.

On which note we’ll point out that this now means AIM has as members not just the winner of Packer of the Year 2013 (Matthew James / Matt De-Machen) but now in us the company that develops the competition too!

We also hope to contribute to AIM’s steering committee and help develop the direction of AIM and its push to become an association.

M&G join AIM. June 2014

M&G join AIM. June 2014