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Congratulations to Donna – IAM pass!


Institute of Advanced Motorists

Huge Congratulations to Donna who this morning passed her IAM advanced driving examination.

And not just a ‘pass’ but nothing less than a FIRST’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which is the highest accolade possible).

Like Tracey a few months ago, Donna has studied hard and really taken pride in improving her driving in order to pass this test.

It is not an easy thing to achieve. She has done immensely well.

Indeed all the male drivers of the M&G removal vehicles it would seem are now too scared to attempt this test given the ‘the two office girlies’ are now recognised as being better, more advanced¬†drivers than they are. And as a HPC member – the (male) person writing this is well qualified to comment that their driving standards are way above those who have not studied for and passed this test.

Donna of course receives a 5% payrise with immediate effect, such is the prize on offer in recognition of her new qualification. And shows how highly this company values an IAM pass.

As those who have done this course realise;

 It is about learning, adopting and implementing a mental state that equips you better in life, over and above simply having a superior set of skills behind the wheel.

As Tracey has already found out, besides the benefits listed above much lower car insurance premiums are also a bonus!

Well Done Donna, we know you have really earned this,

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