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Geoff – M&G

Geoff – M&G

My Skills

Forklift Navigation
Human encyclopaedia 
Vehicle knowledge

About Me

Period of service – since Jesus

M&G’s Bedrock

M&G has been trading since 1983 with Geoff on board!

Where on earth do we start. The man that has literally done it all. 

Collections of furniture from the East End of London at 4am – yep. Moves to Spain and France – yep. Packing – Yep. Local Moves – yep. Managing commercial clients in storage – yep. Vehicle repairs – yep. HGV – yep. Building repairs – yep. Building storage units – yep. Forklift – yep. 

The list goes on, and on, and on, and indeed further on and on. In fact, if there was a list it would appear like one of those comedy scenes where somebody holds up a sheet of paper and then lets all the sheets behind that are attached reel down towards the floor.

Nowadays you’ll find Geoff mainly on site here. Dealing with customers, making repairs, managing Tachograph records. Generally filling in gaps that exist everywhere, and without which filled everybody would suddenly realise not only is it mighty draughty because of those gaps but they’re freezing cold and shivering < This is a metaphor.

The kingpin.

That’s Geoff.

Geoff in Action

Movers and Storers home and office relocation in Solihull & Redditch