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Antony – M&G

Antony – M&G

My Skills

Fast learner
Porter work
Moped expertise
Packing assistance

About Me

Period of service – 9 years

I started with M&G fresh from school and, since the seven years or so I have worked here, I haven’t looked back.

In a different area everyday, a different house with a different customer moving various pieces of furniture.

I am now looking to do my driving test with the help and support of the boss.  Since I have worked here my skill levels in all aspects of life have changed for the better.

I have matured and taken a big step into what could be a lifetime career.  Travelling all over the country to carry out moves for some very nice people I have seen some extraordinary places and houses which, if I wasn’t with M&G, I wouldn’t have seen.

note from the gaffer, Jan 2014 – Anthony is being very lazy about learning to drive…..despite this company offering to fund his lessons….if he is on your move you have our permission to tell him off.

Antony in Action