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Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper
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For additional protection

One of the finest and cheapest packing materials you can use. Shredded paper. You can buy from us by the bag or why not invest in a small shredder and put to use all the junk mail that arrives through your door?

This acts in exactly the same way as the suspension on your car, or the sponge in your sofa. Shredded paper – available from both Solihull and Redditch branches – provides ultimate lateral support and cushioning as well as vertical shock protection.

Call us for advice on how to pack, or see our packing guide. Each box of shredded paper from ourselves will cost £2.50, inc VAT.

There are no exciting pictures of shredded paper being used, so, in the meantime, until we find one, here is an inspiring packing picture: