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M&G. Why we’re different. Some bullet points.

Five key points.

We feel customers, and especially home move customers ought to take these points into consideration when comparing us with other firms.

We are a proper employer
No contracts below proper full time. Instruct M&G and you are supporting proper full time living wage employment. All staff are on a minimum 40hour week, all year round. All staff are PAYE all of the time.

Our promises are solid
There’s no empty rhetoric. We do not give ourselves any right to subcontract work. Either covertly or obviously. If you instruct us, you’ll get us! Moreover we’ll never sell your move to another firm.

We don’t hide
Our premises are open to you, no appointments needed. Our premises are main road, professional and owned / operated by us. No ‘serviced office” / PO Box / or residential address for us to hide behind nor that you feel you cannot visit.

Total reliability
In the last thirty years not a single customer has been let down, ever, the weather doesn’t stop us, we operate excess vehicle capacity to cover mechanical issues staffing is consistant and permanent. The average service length of staff members here is between 8 & 10 years each

Financial stability
We have a solid credit rating. Our vehicles and premises are owned and operated solely by us. Our storage facilities are owned by us outright. Our vehicles too. We are on a solid footing, managed responsibly, for the benefit of our customers.


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.


Professional Movers & Storage. M&G.