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Job Vacancies

We are looking to recruit right now.

There are 3(or 4) positions open. Each is detailed in turn with contact details at the bottom.

We are looking to recruit both removalists and also office/on site based staff  (General Manager)

We are happy to receive applications from staff at rival companies as much as we are from fresh faced newbies – but only if they are certain it is time for them to move on. If coming from another firm or if you have previous experience in the industry or close to it, such as Estate Agency or Conveyancing it’s an obvious advantage,

Whilst we like to have a lot of fun here there is a steel backbone of rules and guidelines that underpin our service, so if after reading the description/s below you think ‘yes, that is me’, then great – get in touch. However, please, if you do not fit what is written below then we respectfully request that you consider carefully if you wish to apply.

Scroll further down for the General Manager role

Removalist Staff;

The role requires physical fitness, a smart, tidy appearance, good personal hygiene and individuals who are well mannered and polite. Age is no barrier but aptitude and view on life is! We have no time for sullen behaviour, miserable attitudes nor people who struggle to look up from their phones. You’ll need a thick skin. We’re old school, that means this company and your colleagues will be there for you through thick&thin, however it also means when needed the hairdryer will be out, and pointing in your direction (do an internet search for ‘Alex Ferguson Hairdryer’). We don’t have time for snowflakes.

Customers come first, second and third on the list of priorities, only after that do we worry about anything else. Without them we’re all bug&*”ed. This should be foremost in your thoughts at all times.

Salaries here target and exceed the living wage, not the minimum wage.

Driving Licence : We are happy to consider applicants both with, and without. That said, if you hold a Cat C / HGV License then you already have an advantage. We’re also keen to hear from soon to be school leavers who might be more suited to a manual type job (let’s face it we can’t all be academic superstars and the world is a varied place) and who are either not going to college or who may only be studying for a couple of days per week from now on. We would consider younger applicants around their studies if those studies are only 2 or 3 days per week, as well as those looking for full time ‘proper’ employment (there are no zero hours contracts here!).

If you’re a great person, and you fit in here then training for driving license, or further qualifications can easily be arranged. Your contract of employment will encourage personal development with incentives along the way.

There is an 06:30 start time which is roughly once every two to three weeks during busy months and more like once every 6-8 weeks when quiet. Tardiness is not acceptable here. On average the time everybody rolls in here is circa 08:15 (where we brief and drink coffee for 15 minutes before commencing duties).

Current age range of Removalist staff here is 17 to 59 so age is no barrier (either down or up!). The person writing this started at 14yrs old as the Saturday lad delivering furniture.

Remember a CV simply tells us where you have been, and not who you are.

If you are incapable of speaking the Queens English and choose to converse in either text speak, or via Chav chat, then it is probable that you might not win the right to wear our uniform, you must be able to talk to and chat with our customers properly. Our staff are considered professionals, as such, only those capable of adopting a professional attitude fit in here.

These positions are not on fixed hours, however on average the start time will be 08:30, with one 06:30 start once every two to three weeks on average. Hours overall are then varied. In any given year, our employees will barely ever work 40 hours per week, however during peak periods late finishes are very possible. During off peak periods there is plenty of time off available, and many days will be only 4 or 5 hours long. We also offer a scheme on quiet days where additional days off can be taken at a reduced rate of pay without affecting holiday entitlement.

Basic pay is the same month on month.

4 or 5 day employment options available as full-time (separate to any school leavers requiring less if applicable)

Basic Salaries are based on National Living Wage at @38 actual worked hours per week, however for higher qualified and / or experienced applicants, higher than this may be possible. Overtime is paid at a flat rate equating on average to @£17per hour. Overnight stays are in proper hotels (no backstreet B&B or sleeping in the cab) with an additional £65 payment (per night) through PAYE to drivers and £40 to non-drivers. When this is needed (@3 or 4 times per year) @5-8 days notice will be given. It is highly unlikely, but possible that on some occasions no more than once or twice per year overseas stay of 2-4 nights may be needed so applicants must hold a passport and be able to do this.

Overtime is plentiful during peak periods and there is certainly the possibility to exceed £1500 per year in overtime fairly easily; plus the potential of the same in bonuses (performance related). We have, for the last decade or so always been in a financial position to pay Christmas bonus’ to staff. The lowest bonus issued over the last decade for a removalist staff member who had been employed for the full year was @£400 with the largest bonus @£1500. Staff members coming in now may be required with 5 days or more notice (minimum) to work a Saturday at the overtime rate.

Currently there are two other bonus schemes also in operation worth £250 each related to customer satisfaction.

If you think this could be for you then please apply to Donna :

or matt

General Manager position;

Firstly, this position will require an individual who can think on their feet, switch from chilling with a brew to full throttle while sat at their desk at a moments notice and who isn’t frightened to get up and go take a delivery in when needed. You might need to quickly take control of delivery guys dropping a sofa into a customers unit (in the wind&rain) as much as spend most of the day desk based. Versatility of brain, manner, attitude and body is called for.

This isn’t a position for a suit or stillettos. Think more company uniform needing jeans and trainers with a smart shirt/blouse (full uniform is provided save for the jeans and trainers – although trousers would happily be provided if you’d like).

We recently lost Jane from our company, she’s a hard act to follow, and this was her role. The position open can, depending on the candidate be for 3,4, or 5 days per week. This company will likely require the individual to be available one Saturday per month (08:30>13:30). Actual worked hours can be discussed but finish time ideally needs to be 17:30. In a perfect world the individual coming into this role would be happy with 09:00 ( or 08:30) -17:30 4 days per week + that one Saturday per month, again, if life were perfect this would be Mon/Tue/Wed and Fri. As we’re making clear though, we’ll discuss this with the right candidate.

Roles and responsibilities will likely include (number of days/hours worked will have an influence on this)

‘Front of House’

You will be needed to greet customers as they come into the building. You wont be the only one, but you must be capable of knowing our product well, and being able to converse well and empathise / look after clients face to face. You will need to have the ability to sell face2face.

Fleet management.

Requiring the diarising of fleet maintenance (joint role with Matt, and also Geoff). Management of documents and ensuring all records are kept spick&span, up to date and correct. You will also have jurisdiction over removalist staff and will need to at times inspect vehicles for cleanliness and tidiness as necessary. This role will also require the management and learning of tachograph law and the operation of the appropriate software . It will also mean the issuance of warnings to drivers as well as education of drivers where/when needed. You’ll also briefly audit maintenance invoices too as they arrive. Again, shared with Matt.

Customer Liaison + BAR compliance

Well, lets face it, you can’t keep everybody happy all of the time. Sometimes we have customer issues that need dealing with. This is you. This may require repairs to be sourced / scheduled and a great outcome needs to be the goal. This forms the main constituent part of our BAR compliance but you’ll need to manage this too ( www.bar.co.uk )

HR + H&S + Compliance

There will be a measure of shared work. This will include keeping staff handbook up to date among other shared tasks. You will also be required to take over the current (excellent) level of H&S compliance needed. This would include scheduled fire drill, building checks, all the way through to ensuring first aid kits and HiVis vests are as they need to be.

Managing an array of small admin tasks relating to M&G’s daily operation + stock control

This will likely include managing our box deposits system, dealing with customers on the phone as needed (when Lorraine&Donna are flat-out), and also managing stock control. In conjunction with information fed to you from everybody here. Plus being a keyholder to the premises.


We don’t have many suppliers, we’re a simple bunch, we don’t need much….but you will be responsible for ensuring we have it. At the right rate, on time and you’ll need to manage our relationships with suppliers. You’ll also find the fun stuff resides here too like designing uniform for everybody.

….assisting, generally in the office, on the phones and with day to day production of routine paperwork

This is the core of it. It looks like a lot, heck it probably is a lot. However, it’s yours, and you will be crucial to our operation. Might be worth us mentioning you’ll also have to put up with Matt, who will do things like ring you and expect something ‘crucial’ and completely random to be done immediately forsaking everything else. Yes, there’s a small measure of ‘PA’ in here too. You’ll need to be strong enough to tell Matt to shut-up when needed too! Not an easy thing, so a responsible but strong personality fits very well in this role.

You will need to learn and develop a love for our industry / profession. That is likely more important than anything else in order to be successful in this role.

Salary is likely to be based upon £11-12 per hour (£23-25k per annum @40hour week)+ mobile phone depending on who you are, what hours we agree on and what qualifications (if applicable) you’re bringing in.

Position 3. The Saturday role.

20 years ago this would have been titled ‘Saturday Lad’. The typical person filling this role in the past was aged 15-17. This individual will need to understand that washing vehicles in the summer when it’s 27degrees, you’re only in shorts or maybe shorts and a t-shirt, the tunes are on, and its money for old rope (ask your parents about that saying, or possibly grandparents) is a vastly different proposition to doing the same job when its chucking down with rain or when its 2degrees outside and cold. In other words the correct candidate is likely to be hardy (or will become hardy). The author of this description did this role yonks ago, 2 current removalist operatives did this role (both have been here over ten years). One former holder of this role 20 years ago went on to become very senior in the Met no less. Alex we still miss you.

It will also require preparing packing materials, cleaning inside the storage facility and effectively being a janitor. An important role, it forms the basis of our standards.

If you’re the type who will get caught on camera pee’ing around with your i-phone every ten minutes do not apply. If you’re the type who thinks you can turn up the following morning suffering from a hard Friday night and we should just ‘suck-up’ your idiocy and stupor, do not apply.

If you’re decent, honest, capable, fair minded and want to join our team as a valued member of staff, who isn’t afraid to simply do a job well and wants to be paid on the good side of fair for their efforts….Apply.

Contact Matt or Donna