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European Moving

Whilst the heady number of people moving abroad from the pre-recession years has dwindled somewhat, M&G Removals still operate their famous ‘dedicated’ service into mainland Europe.

This dedicated service uniquely offers your vehicle, your crew, your move – delivering your goods anywhere within mainland Europe quickly and safely. The crew that move you out are the crew that move you in, nothing changes.

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How does Warwickshire to Southern Portugal, or even Italy in four days start to finish sound?  All the while knowing that your crew are working solely for you with no other tasks, no part-loads, and certainly no turning up with your goods on a different vehicle to the one that took them away!

We play no games and make no false promises. We shall effect your move directly. You can rest assured that the crew will go direct, and you will be informed of the route and timetable. You will know exactly the time and date the crew are to be with you.

And, if you need any further reassurance, we can prove that those staff members are actual trained salaried PAYE employees, just to put your mind at rest even further.

We would never pretend that this service is cheap, however, it by far and away is the finest, most reliable, and most trustworthy way of moving abroad.