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Diary of incompetence

New, for 2018, or should this say ‘coming soon….’?

This page will be our diary of incompetence. Here will be listed all the incompetence that our customers and ourselves are forced to suffer on a daily basis from this horrible system (conveyancing / completing – simply trying to buy, and take possession of a home).

Why do this? Well, we feel it’s about time there is some sort of a log, somewhere, showing this awful system for what it is. Our experiences will neither be better, nor worse than any other mover. And that, well that is the very point.

Already in just the last two weeks we seen key delays due to an online agents simply not being in the same county to hand keys over. We’ve seen, at least twice a day key release go way way past 2pm. We’ve seen cheap and horrible movers leave a home with a trashed garage door and loads left in the garage and garden (stopping our customer from moving in).

So, now we’re going to diarise it.

Hopefully, alongside relevant links to the blog posts in which there will be the counter argument / antidote to the problem, it will ensure you, as a mover find yourself forewarned, and therefore forearmed. Moreover, better educated purely so you can avoid the lack of empathy, lack of ability, and sheer incompetence that afflicts this process.