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Page 3 – Completion Day

It's the banks fault Yep, this one gets said a lot. Money transfers can take a while to go through This too. It's just the way it is And this. There's a theme here. When a customer gets the keys to the new house very late. After they've been sat in their car, in the summer heat for 4 hours…
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page 2

So, we began this section of advice with the table of influence. If you paid attention in class then whilst this section talks about emailing your solicitor you might be considering using the 'CC' line, or maybe even the 'BCC' line......., who knows how many people you might choose to 'inform'! Taking things off the table You are one in…
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One (very) large bonus scheme. Hopefully this will focus everyones attention somewhat. We need to recover the trend we’ve been on since @2010. As you know, 2016 we’re heavily down on revenue. I want this back. Using calendar years I like (despite it not being in sync with the financial year) as it of course is year end, Christmas, and…
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What to do on the day to get keys quicker

Ok, so, action might be needed on your part to chase funds to ensure you’re not left homeless by this naff system. First, take 10 minutes to think about who can talk to who. The blog post justifying this blog post is here, talking about what’s happening behind the scenes. The panic is down to the change in CHAPS payments…
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How does money stuff and key release work on moving day?

I've been asked this question a lot. Agents and solicitors always give the same response to everyone (or so it seems) which is normally one of two; 'it'll be about lunchtime' or 'about one o'clock' If this was actually true then there would never be the situation where self service moving companies start moving people into their new home at…
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Exchanging and completing same day / Gazumping & Gazundering

What a topic, and, without wishing to scare customers, but recent events have prompted this post! I am going to post the reasoning and logic behind this company's opinion on this topic. I am hoping that as these blog posts are now separately listed by search engines that maybe somebody shall be able to influence their stress levels and possibly find…
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