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The blog pages, covering aspects of the conveyancing and completion system, selling the home, moving and all the facts and shenanigans that go with it.
Mostly written by Matt Faizey (our senior of the two surveyors), with a frame of reference of circa 27,000 moves. Matt meets and talks to over 2000 home movers per year and takes a personal interest in every single one. Moreover he actively studies the psychology as well as the technical side of the home moving process. His bookshelf ranges from Law Society and home moving books through Paul Ekman and Malcolm Gladwell. Weird, or educated, the jury’s out……we’ll let you decide.

Profiting from truly poor practice.

'Scandalous', and 'ripped-off' are two terms I personally feel are appropriate for the conduct described below. Interesting development this week. Surprised I hadn't wondered about this before, but, even as somebody renowned for not having a high opinion of the conveyancing process and the way in which the public get stitched up, even I never imagined such self serving profiteering…
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Lifting the lid – selling & dates

Disclaimer, the next 3 pages are written by Matt Faizey, all opinions are his own. Opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect that of other employees nor M&G. PAGE 1. 'lifting the lid' on the shenanigans of the moving process. Dealing with Solicitors and Estate Agents. Hello. So, what is this all about then? Well, hopefully, if I have got…
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Is today the day that the madness begins? CHAPS.

So, today's the day what could be a seismic event occurred. And….nobody noticed. Link to 'Property Eye' report from this morning I write this for the ultimate benefit of our customers. I am aware though that others will be reading. Summer solstice, and I am quite sure that if I chose to I could find numerous innuendos and jokes regarding…
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CHAPS change from 2016 which will affect home movers badly.

The Bank of England have announced that from summer next year there will be an extension to the settlement time for your (yes - you, the home mover) funds going through. It has been announced as though this is a great thing. They have announced a clearance time up to 6pm (an extension of 1hr 40mins). And think this is…
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How many removal men does it take to change a lightbulb?

If you do something every day, all day, you get very good at it. If you do something infrequently, you'll never be as good. Before you read the blog post, have a quick read of this link. It is relevant. If you are already aware of the '10,000 hours theory' by the superintelligent Malcolm Gladwell then go straight to the blog…
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