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What to do on the day to get keys quicker

Ok, so, action might be needed on your part to chase funds to ensure you’re not left homeless by this naff system.

First, take 10 minutes to think about who can talk to who.

The blog post justifying this blog post is here, talking about what’s happening behind the scenes.

The panic is down to the change in CHAPS payments and the time at which they can be sent and land. In short the system now (from 20th June onwards) for transferring money exceeds the sensible working hours of possibly everyone working for you.

Yes, it’s that daft. And yes, it could leave you homeless.

So, from 11:30 on the day of the move start ringing your conveyancer directly . Ask them the question;

‘Has my money, for my house arrived in your client account yet?’

If the answer is ‘we’ll let you know’ don’t just accept it, ask them to check and call you back in ten minutes.

Rinse and repeat, every 20 or 30 minutes. Without fail.

You’re waiting on a human actually checking. Don’t let them forget about you, force them to check.

You then need them to send the funds onwards, and chase it through.

Therefore next question, ‘great, how long before you send it on, and will you immediately chase through and tell the other side?’. Ask them to also confirm to you when this is done.

Yes, we can have the debate all day that you’re paying others to do this for you, and I agree. However, this now is the difference maybe between you being in your new home by 2pm, 4pm, or maybe not at all.

I wish this was a joke, but its true.

The agents chase, yes. But you are paying the bills, and you can chase faster than they can. Moreover your coneyancer is being paid by you, reports to you and acts under your instruction.

They can ‘fob off’ an Estate Agent, they can’t do that to you if you ask specific questions.

You can be forgotten by the office of the conveyancer, and between the EA and the solicitor its easy for hours to be wasted. This time is your time moving in, its your time sat around waiting.

Unfortunately, nows the time that customers and members of the public moving home need to be more proactive on the day and not just wait for the phone to ring.

Any conveyancer reading this will recoil in horror and claim this will slow people down due to taking calls, well, tough. You get more efficient, transfer funds quicker, ensure completions are through early, hey presto, no calls.


Good Luck