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Is today the day that the madness begins? CHAPS.

So, today’s the day what could be a seismic event occurred. And….nobody noticed.

Link to ‘Property Eye’ report from this morning

I write this for the ultimate benefit of our customers. I am aware though that others will be reading.

Summer solstice, and I am quite sure that if I chose to I could find numerous innuendos and jokes regarding the nutters coming out to play. This time around though I’ll refrain from jokes and simply point out that the naïve nutters had obviously already been out to play.

This time, they’ve potentially really cocked things up too for domestic movers.

The chaps system changes today (as discussed here). This now means that for a family moving home it is now not a ‘remote chance’ something will go wrong but for those high up in a chain (nowadays that means simply position 4 upwards) it is a distinct probability.

We now need to advise customers that sensible moving day precautions are to pack an overnight (or 2) bag and ensure they can cope with the possibility of not moving in.

Wow, did I really just write that?

I never ever thought I’d write that sentence.

So, a separate blog post will advise customers how to go about ensuring they minimise the chances of this happening.

Why is this occurring?

Well from today the chaps system no longer closes/stops at 4:20, it is now 6pm. So, simply, the funds for your new home may not be through until well after the time that normal people have finished work.

It is possible that by the time your funds land the conveyancer will have gone home, or maybe the agents, or maybe both. Simple as that. You, are, homeless. Possibly at @6:30pm, with restless kids, a car full of stuff, and maybe the cat in the carrier – homeless.

Insert a pause here for the full consequence of that to sink in.

And what of removers? Well after decades and decades of the system that was already producing key release/front door open @5pm a line now has to be drawn.

That line, for us will remain where it was. We know this will be the case for other removers too. Movers will have to start leaving, putting goods in store, or just leaving vehicles fully loaded, and then moving the client in whenever the next slot becomes available. Which, in summer could be days and days away. Movers can’t just keep a spare crew on standby each day ‘just in case’.

It is, quite simply totally unreasonable to expect a moving crew to load from 9am, be loaded at 1pm, wait around until 5:30pm and then, and only then spend the next 3-4 hours moving in. To accept this would be to accept a standard summer working week could be 65 hours long. Not possible.

Moreover the actual latest time the front door might be open is in fact more like 6:45>7pm ! I have been generous with the example above. The idiots that called for this change haven’t fathomed that they’re asking for 4 tonnes to be moved in from 7pm onwards by a firm that has already been active for 10 hours. In theory that working week, according to this change could be 70hours.

Yes, this is horrible for the family moving, but what choice do we have? We cannot allow crews to simply wait, and wait, and wait, and suffer 16 hour days. Not too mention that it would be easy for the driver to fall foul of rest periods and then not be able to drive until mid morning the following day!

Even firms that charge ‘waiting time’ will be exceeding what their staff are prepared to do. Firms that charge overtime, they too will be breaching the limits of what they’re prepared to do.

So, we’re sorry, as we’re sure are many others but there comes a point and this is it. The ‘old’ system was already bad enough.
We’re going to make people homeless, and have them suffer a lot of extra expense (re-delivery etc) and it isn’t our fault.

At this juncture, just as anger may direct towards movers let me point out that the chaps system opens at 6am.

If you’re in a chain ask if the first set of funds are going to leave at 6am – If not, why not?

Ask your conveyance how hard they are a) going to chase the funds due to you and b) will they chase the funds on after they’ve sent them?

Movers up and down the country that know about this are dreading it, and those that don’t will soon wonder what’s hit them.

Ultimately though the Bank of England and those at that have lobby’d for this change are now responsible for a situation that will leave some families homeless, and in those weeks where movers are chockablock fully booked possibly waiting up to 7 days to get their possesions moved in.

I’ll bet the ‘professionals’ (like Smithers) never once discussed that. We know that our industry was not consulted.

Remember that when its 7pm and you’ve nowhere to sleep.