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The first of a succession of new vehicles in 2014

April 2014

The first new vehicle on the fleet in 2014 hits the road. Well, we had dragged some of our older vehicles to a point well past their best. They had served well but it is time to renew. The first of two vehicles coming into our family this summer (rumour has it a third new one may be on the way too) is this box style vehicle.

Chosen because of the huge tail-lift she is equipped with which is essential for some types of office moving. Moreover makes items such as ride on mowers, slate beds for snooker tables, jukeboxes and other difficult / heavy items much easier and safer to move. Will shortly have one of our registrations allocated to her.

M&G removals, storage removal van / truck www.mgtr.co.uk

M&G removals, storage removal van / truck www.mgtr.co.uk